Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Restoration in Mecklenburg County North Carolina

When a fire occurs, there is not only structural damage that happens, but also smoke damage. Smoke can cause discolored walls, corrosion, and leave a bad odor. A Mecklenburg County North Carolina. home can get entirely covered in smoke in fewer than three minutes. Smoke is one of the most complicated after-effects from a fire to remove and the worst for your health long-term. As a result of this, it’s the most crucial effect to address. There are dangerous chemicals in smoke that are toxic to your health. When soot attaches to walls it becomes harder to remove as time goes on. It can get ingrained into glass and cause serious damage to other materials.

We use a combination of unsmoke agents, ozone, and cleaning treatments to permanently eliminate smoke stains and odors. Rumsey Construction and Restoration is available to arrive on the scene right away to mitigate the smoke damage.

For smoke damage restoration in Mecklenburg County North Carolina, call Rumsey Construction and Restoration at 980-202-4500.