Historic Renovations

Full-Service Historic Renovations in Gaston County North Carolina

The Gaston County North Carolina. area is full of many historic home and structures. These older buildings require extra attention to detail and special skills to make repairs and do construction work, which our professional team has. At Rumsey Construction and Restoration we take it upon ourselves to help keep old buildings in good condition and maintain the original structure. We take pride in preserving historic structures all while keeping the historic integrity of the building.

When renovating a Gaston County North Carolina. historic home, there is so much more to consider to protect the integrity of the building. Before beginning a historic renovation, we first conduct research to determine when the home was first built, the materials used, and the materials available today for renovating. Rumsey Construction and Restoration has renovated numerous historic buildings/homes in the Gaston County North Carolina. area and understands clearly what steps need to be taken to maintain the integrity of these highly valued homes.

Rumsey Construction and Restoration is devoted to keeping historic buildings just as they were when they were originally built, whether it is a home, place of business, or other building. Let us help you bring that historic building back from the past.

For full-service historic renovations in Gaston County North Carolina, to contact Rumsey Construction and Restoration.