Roof Tarping Services

Roof Tarping Services in Gastonia North carolina

The first step to take after a fire or storm has caused damage to your Gastonia, NC property is to secure the building from further damage. By properly boarding up or tarping, your property will be protected from any outside forces getting in.

Our professional team immediately responds after a fire or storm to board up the Gastonia, NC property. The damage from a fire or storm often includes damaged roofs and broken windows which results in new openings for your property to be exposed to the elements, potential vandalism, and animals. We ensure all openings are covered and everything is secured.

Rumsey Construction and Restoration is readily available to respond to your emergency. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For roof tarping services in Gastonia North carolina, call Rumsey Construction and Restoration at 980-202-4500.