Water Damage Repair in Matthews, NC

Water Damage Cleanup and Repair Services in Matthews, NC

When water starts threatening your business or home, you must get help right away! Water is all over – in our drains and pipes, running off the roof, in the ground around your property, and more. It is very likely your property will suffer from water damage at one point. Many water damage problems stem from just a little leak.

Water problems can go from small leaks to big problems and floods quickly. Don't leave a leak untreated that can then have adverse effects on your health and damage your property. Call Rumsey to help you! We arrive quickly to being extracting the water first then drying the damaged areas. Prompt action is needed to minimize the damage to your property. Our technicians use industry-leading methods, advanced technology, and powerful tools to ensure your property is repaired and cleaned the proper and most efficient way.

Our professional team at Rumsey Construction and Restoration can take care of your water damage issues, any time of day. Since we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are always ready to manage your water damage repair needs. Call us now!

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"Rumsey construction came out for our mitigation during Hurricane Florence and did an excellent job. They were fast, reliable, and answered all of my questions. They were extremely helpful during a difficult time. They really went above and beyond helping us go through insurance and everything. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would absolutely use them again."

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Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Water Extraction and Structural Drying in Charlotte, NC

Flood & Water Damage Rescue 24/7

Rumsey Construction and Restoration has been serving the Matthews, NC area with superior construction and disaster restoration services since 2011. Our water damage repair team is available 24/7 to help with water damage cleanup and removal.

Water damage is the leading cause of property loss. Water is everywhere – in our pipes, in the ground around our property, in our drains, flowing off the roof—and it is highly likely that your property will sustain damage from water at some point. Most claims of water damage begin with a small leak.

If left untreated, that small leak could turn into a big problem when it comes to your health and personal property. Let the experts at Rumsey Construction and Restoration handle your problem day or night. With our employees available 24/7, we are always ready to take care of your water damage repair needs.

Flood & Water Damage Rescue 24/7

The Best Experts & Water Damage Equipment

With any water damage in Matthews, NC, it is necessary to analyze and assess the building materials and contents that are being affected by the moisture and then we develop a specific water removal and cleanup process. Our Matthews, NC water damage repair specialists employ trained personnel and special equipment that can evaluate flood damage and can identify all the problem areas that are retaining the moisture. Most often during a water loss situation, there are more materials that are wet than appear to be. Even if you feel the water cleanup is small or isolated, it should be evaluated by a water damage repair professional.

Water damages can occur from storms including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and more. Dealing with them becomes frustrating for most. Sometimes it’s not an outside force that causes the flooding but instead home issues such as broken pipes, leaky or frozen pipes, sink overflow, toilet overflow, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, or a dishwasher malfunction. This is why we offer water cleanup and restoration.

Matthews, NC Sewage Damage Cleanup and Removal

Nobody likes sewage. But stuck pipes, ground flooding and broken plumbing can lead to the nasty unexpected overflow of raw sewage in your home or residence. When you find yourselves facing unexpected sewage damage in your home, the problem is often much deeper than surface level. Proper sewage removal is essential to not only removing odor and visible traces, but to safely eliminating biohazards such as fungi and mold. We also take care of your flooded basement and basement water damage along with any other room or crawl space.

Sewage, which is also known as black water, has the potential to cause extreme damage. Coming in contact with fecal matter or raw sewage could cause disease, destroy your valuables, and cause severe damage to your property. Only trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal.

For a stress-free sewage cleanup process that gets you back to your daily routine, count on the time-tested expertise of Rumsey Construction and Restoration. Our certified technicians have the experience, training, and equipment to accurately address any sewage cleanup project. Plus, our team has the manpower to guarantee a speedy response time.

Matthews, NC Sewage Damage Cleanup and Removal

The Water Damage Restoration & Repair Experts

Rumsey Construction and Restoration is a Matthews, NC water damage company that provides services for residential and commercial water damage victims. If you are suffering from a water damage crisis and need water damage repair done quickly and professional, give us a call today at 980.202.4500 for immediate help.